Birthday Parties

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Birthday Parties

¨ You will have the Tae Kwon Do studio for 2 hours

¨ Party activities last about 1 1/2 hours

             *includes tae kwon do class and games run by instructor

¨ We provide tables, chairs, entertainment and balloons

¨ Birthday boy/girl breaks board at the end of class


¨ Items you may want to bring

*Candles, camera, batteries and/or charger, a carton or box to help bring gifts home, a cooler for left over drinks/snacks.

* Cake, Ice Cream (small individual “dixie cups” work best). 

***Don’t forget your paper goods and drinks.  Plates, cups, napkins, forks/spoons, drinks, perhaps a cooler with ice.


¨ Party Favors

*If you bring them, please have these pre-packaged.

*If there are separate goodie bags for a boy or girl, please have bags identified ahead of time to distinguish between the two.


Please realize that the above guidelines are only suggestions.  We have found that these ideas work best for most situations.  You may bring whatever you like.  We ask that you remember that we are on a schedule for our birthday parties each weekend and that they MUST end on time.  Each party is 2 hours in length and we need to keep inside that time frame to allow time for the next party’s preparation time.  


Cost: $150 for up to Thirty (30) people, and $1.00 per person for each additional guest.

Full payment in advance is required to hold scheduled date.